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Flix for (not so) Short: 50 Years of James Bond

8:00 PM on 11.09.2012 // Hubert Vigilla

Skyfall made US landfall today in non-IMAX theaters. Like Xander's review of Skyfall, many other critics have heaped high praise on the film. (As Flixist goes, so goes the people of all nations.) EIC Matt also saw Skyfall -- I think twice already, jeez -- and will geek out with Xander about it in the next Flixist Bondcast.

So with Skyfall out and Bond at the top again, we have tonight's Flix for (not so) Short -- 50 Years of James Bond: The Movie. This two-hour long project is comprised of clips from the 22 previous Eon-produced Bond movies in chronological order, all of it telling an archetypal Bond story based on the "James Bond Formula." That's right: five minutes of Dr. No, then 5-10 minutes out of From Russia with Love, then Goldfinger, and so on, ending with the final five minutes of Quantum of Solace. And it's all supposed to make sense in an odd way.

I haven't had time to watch all of 50 Years of James Bond: The Movie, but it's a pretty fascinating experiment so far, with some genuinely funny/creative/astounding transitions between films.

[Via The Playlist]

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