A Good Day to Die Hard

Flix for Short: A Good Clay to Die Hard

1:00 PM on 02.13.2013 // Hubert Vigilla

More Lee Hardcastle claymation to make you smile

Here's a new bit of claymation from Lee Hardcastle: a fake trailer for A Good Day to Die Hard, retitled A Good Clay to Die Hard. It hits all the bases, and even pays homage to the Die Hards of the past.

If the name Lee Hardcastle sounds familiar, it's because we've showcased some of his work before. Hardcastle made some great claymation versions of The Raid and The Thing. He's also contributed a piece to the 26-short film horror anthology The ABCs of Death. We'll have a review of The ABCs of Death next month.

A Good Day to Die Hard comes out tomorrow. Keep an eye open for our review of the film as well as something special related to Die Hard.

[Via Twitch]

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