Flix for Short: Breezeblocks

The music video for "Breezeblocks" by Alt-J

2:00 PM on 12.05.2012

It's that time of year when I catch up with music that slipped passed me in the last 11 months. I recently ran into the song "Breezeblocks" by Alt-J (∆). It's not bad, and it's been growing on me. I actually find myself humming the verse hook when I'm bored for no apparent reason.

While the song is a grower and was just okay on first listen, the music video for "Breezeblocks" was just plain great on first watch. It's a scene told in reverse that causes you to reassess the situation as it goes back to the beginning. The video was directed by Ellis Bahl and recently won a UK Video Music Award (UKVMA) for "Best Alternative Video."

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