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Flix for Short: Postcard from 1952

12:00 PM on 05.09.2012 // Geoff Henao

This Flix for Short is a little bit different from some of the other FFS entries we've had. The short is actually a music video for the post-rock band Explosions in the Sky's song "Postcard From 1952" off of last year's album, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care. The main reason I chose to share this as opposed to the plethora of "narrative" music videos that are made is because of the complete focus on the cinematography to tell the story. Considering the song is completely instrumental, cinematography plays a huge role in creating a cohesive narrative. Or, to more accurately describe the video, to capture the right tone that complements and supplements the song's range of emotions.

I've always felt that post-rock lends itself well to a cinematic imagination. A pet project of mine that I've always wanted to explore is to create a cohesive story for every track off of Mogwai's Happy Songs for Happy People. If you ever listen to it, you'll realize that it's made up of songs that are anything but. Anyway, the majority of post-rock bands tend to be instrumental, allowing listeners to create something beautiful amidst the dissonance.

If Explosions in the Sky is your first foray into the wonderful world of post-rock, you're definitely in for a treat. Put some headphones on, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

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