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Flix for Short: The Sleepover

6:00 PM on 11.12.2012 // Nick Valdez

The Sleepover (which premiered at Fantastic Fest earlier this year), from Chris Cullari, is a fantastic meta-story that reflects the implications of living in a town constantly harassed by a serial killer. It's a very nice play on what the fictional townsfolk living in horror films must go through. It's also dangerously cute. The two boys at the center of this, including Josh Feldman (that creepy kid from Insidious), are pretty endearing. 

The Sleepover is also a proof-of-concept flick, so hopefully we'll get a full length picture in the future (seeing as how the short film won the Cabin in the Woods and Lionsgate short film contest, that shouldn't be a problem). I wouldn't mind since Sleepover is actually quite hilarious. I want that Mothers Against Serial Killers bumper sticker. For serious. 

Thanks, Chris!

[via Vimeo]

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