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Flixclusive: Evans can't picture Cap sequel without NYC

9:00 AM on 04.25.2011 // Glenn Morris

Reporting from the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, I had a chance to interview actor Chris Evans about his indie film Puncture, now being screened throughout the festival. That interview will be posted later in the week.

While there, I visited Red Hook, Brooklyn where Captain America lives because, the character says, it's the one area that hasn't undergone a lot of modern development. Less than a few years after that story was written, a giant Ikea store was dropped into the neighborhood. So while talking with Evans, I had to ask...

We're already seeing reports of a Captain America sequel taking place in the modern day, do you think that would be here in New York?

Chris Evans: *Sigh*... ah.

Because it's a huge part of that character adjusting to how his home has changed.

Chris: I know.

I mean there's an Ikea in Red Hook now.

Chris: Yeah, I know, right? That's just...

Ebbets Field, all of that.

Chris: Well, The Avengers takes place in New York, we're shooting in Albuquerque but it takes place in New York... with the Cap sequel I mean... I would assume yeah, I can't picture it without.. they just have to, right? But I really don't know.


So there you have it. Text doesn't really convey it fully but Evans knew exactly where I was coming from. This guy knows what he's dealing with. If Captain America's difficulty adjusting to his private life is shot anyplace but New York, it sounds like the actor playing him would be just as disappointed as anyone.

Less than a day after that interview, which we'll make available later this week, Captain America director Joe Johnston, Chris Evans and Samuel L. Jackson did in fact shoot a scene in Times Square. We don't know if this is an after-credits tease for The Avengers or if Captain America: The First Avenger actually touches on Steve Rogers seeing home again. One can only hope that issue is addressed.

Glenn Morris,
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