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Flixclusive: First details of Seth McFarlane's Ted

9:00 AM on 05.20.2011 // Maxwell Roahrig

An anonymous tipster late yesterday gave us the first details of the Seth McFarlane’s live action directorial debut Ted. Do you guys not remember it? It's the one about a guy who wishes, as a kid, that his teddy bear came to life. Now, he has to live life as an adult with a teddy bear as his best friend. We’ve covered it on the site twice before now. Do you even care we exist?!

While I’ve never been the biggest fan of Family Guy past season three, and just about anything else this guy touches hasn’t been...oh, I don’t know...good, this is still a pretty decent concept. I’m kind of interested in seeing where the direction of the movie goes. I guess we’ll have to wait for the first trailer to hit. In the meantime, hit the break for the awesome, spoiler-tastic details.

*The movie is shooting in Boston

*Ted, the teddy bear, works at a convenience store

*Ted has sex with a woman in the back room of the store, next to some Pepsi. Apparently, Pepsi is one of the movie's big sponsors.

*Mila Kunis plays an ad exec

*There are a few references to the 1980's Flash Gordon feature film. The actor who played Flash makes a cameo, and they also recreated at least one of the vehicles from the movie.

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