Flixclusive: Trost Bros. working on FP sequel, F2P

1:00 PM on 04.27.2012

At last night's awesome screening of The FP in Universal City, CA, we had a chance to grill Jason Trost, co-writer/director and star of The FP, one of my favorite movies of the year and the official Citizen Kane of "Wait, what the f**k did I just watch?" Inevitably talk of a sequel came up, and Jason gave us the inside track on the developing sequel to The FP, currently titled F2P: Re-Nig.

The film will follow the continued adventures of J-TRO and the 248, where J-TRO and his main squeeze Stacy return to the FP to find that someone is trying to buy up the town, and they have to raise a million dollars ("1.2 million with taxes," joked Jason) to save the town. Their adventure will take them across the globe, into China and more, to save the FP.

Obviously, I'm super excited for this movie, as I'm a big believer in the Trosts, so hopefully we'll be able to hear more on this soon!

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Alex Katz

Managing Editor