Flixistentialism 01 - Boners

8:00 AM on 12.11.2012 // Andres Bolivar

Our fascination with genitalia really shows

Here it is folks ... the first episode of Flixistentialism. After many issues with getting the recording to work properly and the ongoing struggle of dealing with Skype's sound quality, the dejected crew consisting of Andres Bolivar, Liz Rugg, Hubert Vigilla and Geoff Henao do their best to tackle the important issues. Issues like "Why does Schwarzenegger's illegitamate child look like that?" and "Does ejaculate have an odor?". There's also something in there about movies ... I swear.

Note: Please excuse the audio and lack of direction this week. it's our first show and it took a lot of shuffling and failed attempts to even get this episode. Next week, however, we'll be well prepared and slightly more disturbed.

Flixistentialism 01 - Boners

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