Flixistentialism 02 - Dre's Two Circumcisions

9:00 AM on 12.21.2012

Andres Bolivar

Former Editor

One was by accident, the other on purpose

Flixistentialism is back folks, now with slightly improved audio. On this episode I tell the story of my two circumcisions (that's right...TWO!) and we give my dick the most awesome name EVER. We also discuss holiday movies, strip clubs, Santa Chainz and cannibalism. Did I mention I talk about my dick for awhile? Seriously, I think I took over this podcast just to have an outlet to talk about my dick.

Rate us on iTunes, tweet at us at @FlixistPodcast and send nudie pics to podcast@flixist.com. Thank you for loving us folks.

Flixistentialism 02 - Dre's Two Circumcisions

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