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Fresh batch of Battle School logos from Ender's Game

10:00 AM on 02.20.2013
Fresh batch of Battle School logos from Ender's Game photo

Although Ender's Game has a lot going for it (like a craggly Harrison Ford and a score from the man who scored the underrated Glory), I still think it's going to debut to little fanfare. It's story is wonderfully dark (but somehow features children), and its got a premise that will hopefully survive more than one film (although if a series never takes off then I'd be fine with the ending). 

To help get me (and those three other people) hyped, here are a batch of logos for the Battle School teams (teams the kids are separated into to learn how to fight in the war) including the Salamander, Rat, Asp, and [spoiler redacted] armies. You can check them out in the gallery. 

[Ender's Ansible, EnderWiggen.net, and Ender's Game Fansite, via Collider

Fresh batch of Battle School logos from Ender's Game photo
Fresh batch of Battle School logos from Ender's Game photo
Fresh batch of Battle School logos from Ender's Game photo
Fresh batch of Battle School logos from Ender's Game photo

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