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Gallery 1988 & Olly Moss create incredible Oscars poster

6:00 PM on 02.12.2013 // Liz Rugg

The Academy appears to be getting a little bit more hip this year! For their annual Oscars poster, the Academy actually approached the up and coming pop-culture gurus at Gallery 1988 to create an official "85th Anniversary" poster for the Oscars. Of course, G1988 tapped one of the hottest rising stars on the pop-culture scene right now, artist Olly Moss.

The poster Moss created features a little Oscar statue-like figure representing every Best Picture winner for every year that they Oscars have been around. I've included some detailed shots below, but you can go here to click though each icon individually. What I can't get over about this poster is how much work it must have taken! Think of all those old, semi-obscure movies Moss must have had to find in order to design a character from each film! The Academy has started selling the offset digital poster here.

[via Gallery 1988]

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