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General Orders No. 9 has new theater releases and trailer

9:00 AM on 06.01.2011 // Liz Rugg

This looks like such a strange, beautiful, sad little movie. General Orders No. 9 ran the film festival circuit - and picked up plenty of awards to boot - and then was purchased by Variance Films in order to have it be distributed to theaters. And now its theatrical debut is finally coming! There's going to be a screening of No. 9 at Brooklyn’s reRun Gastropub Theater on June 24th, "with expansion to major markets to follow." (yay!) Right now you can watch the official trailer over at Apple by clicking here.

You can also check out more details about No. 9's screenings/performances/art shows along with a synopsis of the film, which may make the trailer make more sense, after the jump, but what you need to know about General Orders No. 9 is that it appears to be a surrealist exploration of geography, physical and mental, human and earth, by using maps and maps and maps. And I would certainly love to see it. If you saw and liked Tree of Life, you might want to check this one out - but if you saw and hated Tree of Life, stay away from this sucker, because this looks even more experimental.

[via IndieWire, via Apple]

This synopsis of No. 9 makes things make so much more sense:

"One last trip down the rabbit hole before it gets paved over. A deep geography. What is above and what is below. What came before and what will come after. Agrarian fantasies, sacrificial rites, and excavations. A story told with maps, dreams, and prayers. A map lesson in three parts. A history of the State of Georgia - or Anywhere. Deer trail becomes Indian trail becomes county road."

And here's some details for the upcoming Brooklyn screening: (jealous!)

"The film will open at Brooklyn’s reRun Gastropub Theater on June 24th, with expansion to major markets to follow. Select screenings will include a live musical performance of the score. In addition, an art exhibit featuring the director’s collection of artifacts and antique maps, as well as new art made for the film, will tour with the film to select markets."

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