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Only Yesterday

Ghibli film Only Yesterday is getting a new English release on its 25th anniversary

4:00 PM on 08.24.2015 // John-Charles Holmes

What's old is new again

You kids have it so easy with your anime these days-- if there's any show or movie you want to see, it's already up online in a few days with fully fleshed out fan-subs. Back in the day, we only got what the big licensing companies told us we would get... and not get. Such was the case with one of Studio Ghibli's older films, Only Yesterday.

Now, thanks to GKIDS, this long lost (to American audiences) film is finally seeing a release stateside with an all new English dubbing coming to theaters early next year. Only Yesterday is one of the fan favorites from Ghibli mainstay, Isao Takahata, the same man who directed Grave of the Fireflies and The Tale of Princess Kaguya.

The new English dub of this quiet Japanese drama features the modern voice talents of Daisy Ridley, Dev Patel, Ashley Eckstein, and Alison Fernandez. You can see this 1991 classic in 2016 when it's set to make its western debut just in time for its 25th anniversary.

John-Charles Holmes, Editor
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