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Godzilla reboot snags Monsters director

12:23 PM on 01.05.2011

Bob Muir

Associate Editor

Community member randombullseye first spotted this news when it was a rumor, but now it's official. Get The Big Picture reports that Legendary Pictures signed Gareth Edwards to direct their upcoming Godzilla reboot. Edwards made big waves in 2010 for making Monsters, the indie giant monster film shot on a shockingly low budget.

David Callaham had at one point written a script for the project, which is reputed to be a throwback to the original series, but supposedly a new writer is working on it now that Edwards is on board.

Seeing as Edwards managed to make a big splash with his monster film on almost no budget, it will be interesting to see how he does with a studio backing his vision. Are you excited about this reboot now?

[via Get The Big Picture]

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Bob Muir

Associate Editor
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