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Gosling & others grace The Place Beyond the Pines poster

5:00 PM on 01.29.2013

Liz Rugg

Community Manager

From the director of the well-received Blue Valentine is coming another movie staring Ryan Gosling titled The Place Beyond the Pines. The first theatrical poster for the movie has been released online and features the film's three main characters - Gosling, Eva Mendes (fun fact: Mendes has been Gosling's girlfriend IRL since 2011) and Bradley Cooper.

The movie is also about a bank heist, which presumably goes arwy as they always seem to, which is why there is an enigmatic bank featured on the lower-half of the poster. Also, the only thing I hate about this poster is WHY is Ryan Gosling on that gross looking crotch-rocket?! Ugh.

[via The Film Stage]

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