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Grave of the Fireflies returning to theaters in 2013

2:00 PM on 11.21.2012 // Hubert Vigilla

Grave of the Fireflies will return to theaters next year to commemorate its 25th anniversary. This theatrical re-release is thanks to GKIDS, the group also responsible for last year's touring Studio Ghibli retrospective as well as the current Studio Ghibli retrospective in NYC. Grave of the Fireflies was also released on Blu-ray this week.

If you've never seen Grave of the Fireflies before, it's one of Studio Ghibli's undeniable masterpieces. Directed by Isao Takahata and based on the novel of the same name by Akiyuki Nosaka, it tells the story of an orphaned brother and sister trying to survive after Kobe has been firebombed at the end of WWII. It's one of the most heartbreaking movies that I've ever seen; one of those memorable, devastating experiences I won't ever shake.

I've always been curious about the live-action versions of Grave of the Fireflies from 2005 and 2008. Would they stack up well against the animated film? I may have to watch all three at some point -- one a day for three days -- and spend the rest of that week melancholy out of my mind.

No date has been set yet for the film's theatrical run, but by all accounts it looks like GKIDS is doing another touring Ghibli retrospective which will allow you to see the movie on the big screen. Readers in the New York area can catch Grave of the Fireflies at the Studio Ghibli retrospective at the IFC Center from December 7th to December 18th.

[Via Indiewire/Thompson on Hollywood]

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