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He's back: Schwarzenegger in Terminator rights package

8:05 PM on 04.26.2011 // Geoff Henao

He said he wanted to return to the big screen after his term as The Governator ended, and it looks like he's taken a huge step in that direction: Arnold Schwarzenegger is part of a rights package for a collection of Terminator sequels that's currently being shopped around to some major studios.

Deadline reports that the studio that won the rights to the film franchise, Pacificor, is presenting the rights package to Universal, Sony, and Lionsgate. Pacificor bid $29.5m for the rights, and the package includes two sequels to "bring the franchise to a creative conclusion." Currently, Justin Lin, Fast Five's director, is attached to direct with Robert Cort producing.

This is HUGE news as it hopefully brings Schwarzenegger back into the spotlight in more than a cameo spot a la The Expendables. In fact, given his extreme interest in returning to acting, I wouldn't be surprised if he finds an increased role in any future Expendables sequels.

What do you think about this news? Is Schwarzenegger too old and flabby for an action-packed Terminator sequel, or would you love to see him return to the franchise that introduced us to an Austrian god?

[via Deadline]

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