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Here's a list of the ten biggest flops of far

6:00 PM on 11.16.2012 // Nick Valdez

Very few surprises, one notable disappointment, and then something with Adam Sandler in it. Wait...that's all the same movie.

Can you believe November is almost over already? Pretty soon, it'll be the end of the year...well, Forbes believes the year is over already as far the Box Office is concerned. Forbes has compiled a list of the ten big floppity flop films that tanked at the box office this year. And not surprisingly, these eight of the ten movies were terrible. 

We all knew how big of a debacle Ooogieloves was already (but will mostly likely make its money in home video sales), but I'm sad Dredd is here. I'm ashamed of all of you, Dredd was frickin' great. The same with Premium Rush, that movie was like so totally 80s. Even though the year isn't over yet, I'm sure future releases won't perform as badly as A Thousand Words (Cloud Atlas notwithstanding since Forbes didn't count films that are currently in theaters). 

You know what a better statistic is? Flixist has reviewed only four of the ten biggest flops of 2012, thus officially proving that we, especially you readers, have good taste. The top/bottom ten list is after the jump

[Forbes, via AV Club]

1. The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure (Box office: $1 million / Budget: $20 million)
2. A Thousand Words (Box office: $20 million / Budget: $40 million)
3. Dredd (Box office: $28 million / Budget: $50 million) 
4. Big Miracle (Box office: $25 million / Budget: $40 million) 
5. Wanderlust (Box office: $21 million/ Budget: $30 million) 
6. Rock Of Ages (Box office: $56 million / Budget: $74 million) 
7. People Like Us (Box office: $12 million / Budget: $16 million) 
8. That’s My Boy (Box office: $57 million / Budget: $70 million) 
9. Premium Rush (Box office: $29 million / Budget: $35 million) 
10. Red Tails (Box office: $50 million / Budget: $58 million)

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