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Important Announcement Regarding the Flixist Community!

12:00 PM on 03.28.2012 // Liz Rugg

Hello and Hi.

I'm Liz Rugg, most of you may remember me from such great hits as The Front Page and Flixist Staff. Some of you, however, may remember me in my early days, when I was once a humble community blogger such as yourselves. I think most of my community posts got lost in The Great Mammoth Migration of 2011, but they were there, in their own naive, insular way.

Then somewhere along the line I got hired to write for the site for real, and I basically exploded with joy, excitement and d*ck jokes. Writing for Flixist has been an absolute blast, everybody on staff is fantastic but more importantly, our community is really kind of phenomenal.

Flixist Community

You guys are the lifeblood of this place. Without our community, Flixist would shrivel up and die like so many vaginas filled with extra-salty tears. You guys and gals are the reason we're all here!

What I'm trying to say here is ... well, I'm taking over as the new Community Manager here at Flixist. Andrew Kauz is a dear friend of mine, and his torch will not go un... torched. I want to make this community bigger and better than it ever was before! You guys are already writing awesome, awesome blogs, full of insightful ideas and thoughtful commentary. KEEP IT UP. Get your friends to join. Spread a blog that you're particularly proud of around the Internet. Flixist has come a long way in the past year and a half-ish, and we're only just getting started!

Help us make this place even better than it already is! If you have any ideas for us about how to make the Flixist community better - tell us! Send me a message, email (, or comment below! If you have any ideas - or anything you just like to say - to me as the new CM, lemme have it! I am really, REALLY excited to be starting this adventure with you guys, and I can't wait to read all of your incredible blogs as well as get to know everyone better!

I've got some big hot dog buns to fill, that's for sure.

Liz Rugg, Community Manager
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Liz Rugg loves animals, beer, video games, movies, media and the Internet. She lives in Chicago, Illinois where she works at an emergency vet clinic in between writing about movies and playing cu... more   |   staff directory

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