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Attack The Block

Interview and massage with Attack the Block's Joe Cornish

2:00 PM on 10.15.2011 // Alec Kubas-Meyer

Attack the Block is one of those movies that is pretty much universally loved. It's got everything you could want from a film: aliens, difficult to understand accents, and lots and lots of violence. In order to find out more, intrepid reporter Sean Walsh and myself ventured deep into the Javitz Center at New York Comic Con yesterday afternoon for an interview with writer/director Joe Cornish, filmed by yours truly. Although we were only able to ask two questions (the interviews were done conveyor-belt style), we definitely had the best interview, because during the interview, Sean got a massage from Joe Cornish himself. Due to the equipment I was using, the audio is kind of quiet (and a bit buzzy), but everything is still audible if you turn up your volume a little bit. So check that it. We guarantee that it's the best massage-laced interview with Joe Cornish you will see in the near future.

Also, despite his handler's disapproval, we were also able to snap a couple of pterodactyl pictures before he tried to break my camera, so check the gallery to see that in its high-res glory! The things we do for you people!

And don't forget, Attack the Block is on sale in both DVD and Blu-ray next Tuesday, October 25th! If you're not a Blockhead yet, you sure will be. Get it for more than a third off on Amazon!

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