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Iron Man 3 gets collectible 3D glasses because reasons

4:00 PM on 02.19.2013

Nick Valdez

News Editor

I'm still mad my theater didn't have those Hulk glasses

So at this point, I assume you've made your decision on whether or not you're going to see Iron Man 3. If you are, are you going to see it in 3D? If you are, maybe you'll get one of these pairs of glasses (which I assume won't get taken away from you as soon as the movie's over)? Probably not though. I never got my Hulk glasses, so I'm pretty angry. Still if I got to choose, I'd probably go for the Iron Patriot glasses because MURICA. There's also one for Iron Man, War Machine (who is Iron Patriot now LOL), and a generic Stark version. What about all of you? Are you seeing it in 3D? Which one would you get?

[via Bleeding Cool]


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Nick Valdez
News Editor follow

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