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Is Transformers 4 getting a female protagonist?

11:00 AM on 10.18.2012 // Nick Valdez

And I shall call her Samantha.

Chock this rumor in the "too awesome to be for realsies" category. When Hasbro's CEO stated that the fourth Transformers film, Trans4mers (which we should all address it as from now on) will surround new toys characters, I assumed that meant new robots and no room for more of dem humanz. According to a new rumor from Spoiler TV, casting for the film has begun and allegedly (since their is source isn't noted) they are searching for a female lead (high school senior) and her race car, "Texan" boyfriend. 

If this rumor is true, and a woman leads the franchise, this is a huge step forward for everybody. Transformers has always been a boys franchise. Shiny cars, giant robot fights, and women who only serve as trophies. Also, if a woman is the new savior human, it doesn't mean much has to change either. All Sam Witwicky did was whine and run around a ton, so I'm sure any other human lead would be a step up from that. Besides I know a lot of women who like cars (and robots!), so it's about time to stop alienating that part of the audience. We should all be able to enjoy giant robots and shiny explosions. 

...just don't get me started on that "Texan" guy. 

[Spoiler TV, via Coming Soon]

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