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Jason Momoa in talks for Batman vs. Superman

10:00 AM on 12.11.2013
Batmeng vs. Supermeng?Jason Momoa in talks for Batman vs. Superman photo

Although he may have been unsuccessful in joining Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, looks like Reboot Conan has worked his way to the other side of the comic book pond. Joining the recently announced Gal Gadot (as Wonder Woman) Momoa is now in talks to play an unspecified character in the sequel to Man of Steel aka the Superman movie that's really a Super Friends reboot at this point. 

I'd like to believe Drogo isn't intending to play Doomsday (the rumored villain of the film, which is stupid) or Martian Manhunter (who Momoa is rumored to be trying out for, which is also stupid) and is just playing some custodian named Gabe. We need more average Gabes in our movies. If Momoa does join the cast, be sure to get an official announcement of his character soon (unless they're keeping it a secret, which is stupid). 

[via THR]

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