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Jay Chandrasekhar is writing/directing Yogi Bear sequel

10:30 AM on 10.03.2012 // Geoff Henao

What the what?!

From a mustachioed, sex-crazed state trooper to an inherently blessed beer pong player, Broken Lizard's Jay Chandrasekhar has had quite the film career. Beyond his acting roles, he's also known as an adept director, directing the Broken Lizard filmography, as well as a few guest spots on TV shows like Arrested Development and Community. However, his next gig might be a huge shift away from what he's known for.

Rumors are floating around that Chandrasekhar has signed on to re-write and direct the sequel to 2010's abysmal Yogi Bear film adaptation. No other details are available, including whether or not the film's cast (which includes Justin Timberlake and Dan Aykroyd) will return. However, what makes this news so notable is Chandrasekhar's credentials and whether or not his style will be adaptable to a family film. I'm hoping for a lot of subtle adult references and innuendos.

As long as the money he receives for the film can be used for a Super Troopers sequel, I'm all for it.

[via Collider]

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