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They Live

John Carpenter is fighting with neo-Nazis over the message of They Live

9:00 AM on 01.05.2017 // Hubert Vigilla

This is the world we live in today

They Live is one of John Carpenter's indisputable masterpieces. Part satire and part ass-kicker, the film is all about the horrors of capitalism, consumerism, and 80s excess. Yet because the Internet exists and it is awful, a bunch of Nazi scum have been promulgating the theory that They Live is really about fighting the hidden Jewish agenda. Yes, neo-Nazi alt-right jagoffs think John Carpenter is on their side.


John Carpenter is having none of this insane nonsense. He took the Twitter the other night to dispel this mishegoss:

Of course, Nazis are disputing John Carpenter's claims about the meaning of his own movie. Apparently neo-Nazis and white nationalists have been reading their own agendas into the film for many years, and have even created offensive memes about it. And I mean, really offensive.

You can check out the Gizmodo link below or the John Carpenter Twitter thread if you want to see some more of this stuff. As Sidney Fussell put it at Gizmodo, this is what "the surrealist shit show that life post-2016 has become".

But like the old saying goes, Nazis are the fucking worst.

Stay strong. Resist. Courage. Always leave your bubblegum at home.

[via Gizmodo]

Hubert Vigilla, Editor-at-Large
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