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Jumanji remake finds a writer

11:00 AM on 12.07.2012 // Thor Latham

This movie had some seriously crappy box art

Apparently Columbia Pictures is planning a remake of Jumanji, and to that end they've tapped the talents of screenwriter Zach Helm (Stranger Than Fiction). No other details have been given yet, so there's no time frame or director attached at the moment. Joe Johnston directed the original, starring Robin Williams, and it and the remake are both based on the novel by Chris Van Allsburg that was published in 1981. 

Helm also wrote and directed Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium and is currently working on a comedy that revolves around cryogenics titled Freezing People Is Easy. His work obviously demonstrates his taste for the fantastical, so that's good.

Jumanji was a movie I watched several times when I was younger, and I remember liking it enough to buy the lame board game they released as a tie-in to the film. I was very disappointed to discover that Robin Williams wasn't included. Also, does anyone remember the Jumanji cartoon? I was all up in that s**t as a kid.

[THR via Cinema Blend]

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