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Killer chick flick Heathers is getting a Bravo TV series

10:00 AM on 09.13.2012

Nick Valdez

News Editor

Heathers is a weird flick. When I first saw the thing, I couldn't help but notice how it seemed like a more murderous version of Mean Girls. But over time, I realized that it was much better for it. Mean Girls seems really tame in comparison now 

Heathers is about a girl named Veronica who dislikes the popular girls at her school (all named Heather) and then starts (spoiler alert) offing them one by one (after an accidental murder) and writes them off as suicides because she's such a creative writer. It's a weird nerd fantasy. Point of all this Heathers business is that it will be getting a pseudo sequel in the form of a television series. 

According to Indiewire, Mark Rizzo and Jenny Brick's pitched adaptation (to FOX way back in 2009) is getting picked up by Bravo (the station best known for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and The Real Housewives of Nantucket). And according to The Hollywood Reporter, the series will take place twenty years after the events of the original as Veronica moves back home and her daughter will have to deal with the Ashleys, daughters of the Heathers. This all sounds just dandy. Since teen girl dramas are a thing now (with The Vampire Diaries and that one show about lying pretty girls), I'm sure Heathers will finally get the attention it deserves. I guess it might be too much to ask for Winona Ryder to come back too, huh? You can do it Bravo. You have all of that Andy Cohen money lying around. 

[THR, via Indiewire]

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