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Les Miserables cast photos by Annie Leibovitz

2:00 PM on 11.13.2012 // Hubert Vigilla

Tom Hooper's adaptation of Les Miserables is just over a month away. To help build the hype, noted photographer Annie Leibovitz took a number of stunning cast photos for Vogue. They're much better than the chintzy Disney pics she did last year. Those were like a glimpse into Photoshop hell, and all the retouching obscured the strengths of Leibovitz's eye.

What stuck out most to me in this set was the image of Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen. They look like refugees from some war-torn Tim Burton movie, or maybe Chitty Chitty Bang Bang after the Vulgarian child revolt.

(Tangent: I worked at a video store back in high school. One day, some guy asked me if we had a copy of "The Miserables," the second word said with the English pronunciation rather than the French. I said, "Do you mean 'Les Miserables'? If so, which version?" He replied, "No, not that. I'm looking for 'The Miserables'." It was a long day, so I told him it was out of print, and he left.)

Give these photos a gander in the gallery. Les Miserables comes out Christmas Day.

[Vogue via First Showing]

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