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Iron Man 3

List of film propaganda broadcasting during Super Bowl

9:00 AM on 01.30.2013 // Nathan Hardisty

World speechless in awe of the Hollywood machine's restless rhetoric.

This Sunday, February 3rd, there will be many balls kicked in America's annual celebration of the Wounded Knee Massacre; the glorious Super Bowl. Paramount, Universal and Disney have all announced their plans to broadcast trailers of their upcoming releases during the bloodied festivities.

Why anyone would want to commercially support such a violent endeavor is beyond my own reasoning but, nevertheless, hit the jump and lend me your ear to hear hither of the bountiful filmic treasure trove that awaits us all at the Super Bowl!

[via Coming Soon]

Paramount is showing off its undead thriller World War Z (June 21 release) and Brad Pitt's cheekbones in the pre-game spot (before the players all allegedly disembowel each other). They're also stripteasing J.J Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness (May 17) in a 30 second clip during the second quarter of the re-enactment. The spot will allegedly be used to also launch a new 'App' which apparently matters for some reason.

Universal Pictures will also be releasing some pictures in motion of the new testosterone filled Fast & Furious 6 (May 24), with Vin Diesel starring as 'Vin Diesel', in a 30 second spot during the game. 

Disney has also plotted to unveil footage for Sam Raimi and James Franco's new lovechild, Oz The Great and Powerful (March 8) and a 90-second spot for The Lone Ranger (July 3) featuring Helena Bonham Carter, Johnny Depp and, gasp, not Tim Burton. Tony Stark as 'Robert Downey Jr.' has also been booked in for a minute-long showing too for Iron Man 3 (May 3).

Aside from the new trailers, footage and Brad Pitt's cheekbones there will be something called 'football' playing in-between the propaganda. Many sources cite that this involves rugged men hurrying about the soil wrestling with each other and throwing pigskins about. Sounds very American!

Nathan Hardisty, Associate Editor
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