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Upstream Color

Listen to the entire score to Upstream Color

9:00 AM on 02.21.2013 // Hubert Vigilla

Music from Shane Carruth's follow-up to Primer

Upstream Color, the sophomore film by Primer writer/director Shane Carruth, will be coming out soon. Allistair saw the movie at Sundance last month (read his review here) and a few of us will be checking it out at SXSW next month.

While we're waiting for the movie's full release, the entire score to Upstream Color can now be streamed for free (we've placed it after the cut). Carruth composed the music himself, and it sounds suitably moody and synthed out. I'll be listening to this for the rest of the morning if not the rest of the day.

Listen to the score for Upstream Color after the jump. The cover art for the film score is in the gallery. Upstream Color will open in select theaters in April.

[Via The Film Stage]

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