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Lizzy Caplan is lookin' sexy in Queens Of Country

1:00 PM on 02.07.2012 // Xander Markham

Hey, internet. You know that Lizzy Caplan you're so fond of, from such movies as Cloverfield and Mean Girls, and shows like Party Down and True Blood? Well, she's in a new movie, called Queens Of Country, playing a small town girl called Jolene Gillis who finds an iPod she believes will lead her to her soulmate, because the songs on it are really good, or something. Who knows. Does it matter? I mean, Lizzy Caplan's in it. LIZZY CAPLAN! Definitely a top contender for Best Liz Ever, along with Lemon, Rugg and Queen Liz II.

According to a press release, the cast have been emphasizing how nuts the film is, with Lizzy herself describing it in an appropriately adorable fashion as 'bananas' and the directors saying the tone is 'equal parts Raising Arizona and Urban Cowboy with a dash of Rocky Horror'. So there you go. Sounds awful, honestly, but Caplan's in it, so there's hope. Follow the jump for full-sized Lizzy, plus the movie's poster. According to IMDB, it's out on March 1st in the US.

[via Collider]

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