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Blue Jasmine

Louis CK and Andrew Dice Clay in new Woody Allen movie

9:00 AM on 06.05.2012 // Hubert Vigilla

While we're waiting for To Rome with Love (previously called Nero Fiddled and Bop Decameron) to hit theaters, Woody Allen has added the last three cast members to his untitled new film, which shoots this summer in New York City and San Francisco.

Allen now has the lovably potty-brained Louis CK on board, news which delights me to no end. Joining him is Peter Sarsgaard, an accomplished actor better known for his dramatic roles in films like Boys Don't Cry and Shattered Glass. (Sarsgaard was also one of few the redeeming things in Green Lantern).

Also, Andrew Dice Clay will be in the film. Not kidding. Let that sink in: Ford Hickory-f***ing-Dickory-ass Fairlane is in a Woody Allen production. (OOOOH!) If you selected Andrew Dice Clay as the last comedian/actor in the world who would appear in a Woody Allen film, you are unfortunately out of the betting pool. (Just stay away from John Pinette, Woody.)

The trio above joins Alec Baldwin, Cate Blanchett, Bobby Cannavale, Michael Emerson, and Sally Hawkins in what ought to be an interesting mix. No word yet on the plot, but let's assume it's a sequel to Play it Again, Sam, with Humphrey Bogart replaced by Andrew Dice Clay.

[Deadline via The Playlist]

Hubert Vigilla, Editor-at-Large
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