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MacGyver getting adapted, James Wan in talks to direct

8:00 PM on 11.12.2012 // Nick Valdez

That's right. The old TV show where a man solved all crime with the help of a potato, silly string, and the glorious machismo of the 1980s, MacGyver, is getting a feature film adaptation with the help New Line Cinema, according to Variety. James Wan (Insidious) is in talks to direct.

Seriously. What. MacGyver was always a parody character, which is what SNL's MacGruber horribly misunderstood, so unless he comes back as pure, unadulterated stupidity, the reboot won't work. I'm sure they're are a few Patti and Selmas out there, so what do you all think? Do want MacGyver back? Or do you think the new MacGyver would work as a no-nonsense tough guy that's all over the movies now?

[Variety, via First Showing]

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