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Maggie Q and Zoe Kravitz join the cast of Divergent

11:00 AM on 03.13.2013
Maggie Q and Zoe Kravitz join the cast of Divergent photo

Now that Twilight is fading into the obscure and Hunger Games is a beast all of its own, it's time for a new series of films to fill that tweensie void. And that series is Divergent. I talked about this awhile back explaining that Divergent has got everything you need in a new teen sensation: a hunky love triangle guy, a 16 year old girl fighting against having her future set for her (by diverging from a faction that she was supposed to belong to), and a dystopian future where a writer can make up any rules they want to fit the narrative. And now it brings all the boys to the yard.

Shailene Woodley was already announced as the main girl Tris, who doesn't fit into any of the dystopia's factions (that represent certain emotions or characteristics, like bravery). Maggie Q is signed on to play Tori (owner of a tattoo parlor that is part of faction selection process in the dystopia), Zoe Kravitz will play Christina, one of Tris's friends, and Angel Elgort (he's coming up in the Carrie remake apparently) is signed on for the man candy role. Normally I'd ignore stuff like this, but I love me some Maggie Q (Nikita is fantastic) and with this new crop of talent, Divergent is looking all the more interesting. We'll keep you posted as more info becomes available in the coming months.

[via THR]

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