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Man of Steel

Man of Steel action figures for Zod and Jor-El

9:00 AM on 01.31.2013 // Hubert Vigilla

Michael Shannon as a CW star, Russell Crowe as space-armor Javert

[UPDATE: Additional pics of Superman action figures, a Superman vinyl figure, and the Lego box added to the gallery.]

We've been getting a lot of pics of Henry Cavill as Superman in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, but we've yet to get a good look at Michael Shannon as General Zod. There are head shots, sure, but not a full costume. The action figure for Zod gives us a first look at what he's dressed like. It's sort of like Superman but in black and with a vestigial hammer and sickle on his chest. Shades of the alternate reality/Elseworlds story Superman: Red Son, maybe? We also get a look at the Jor-El action figure, with Russell Crowe sporting some totally 1990s superhero armor.

I noticed Michael Shannon's looking a little handsomer here, as if this is an Elseworlds Michael Shannon action figure. Instead of Michael Shannon the indie movie star, this is Michael Shannon the CW heartthrob. In that alternate world, maybe his name is Shane Michaelson... or maybe that's just a young Josh Brolin. Similarly, I suspect this Jor-El action figure is actually Javert from the Elseworlds version of Les Miserables titled Les Miserables dans l'Espace. (Translation: The Sads in Space.)

Take a look at these two action figures as well as a Pop! vinyl figure (Elseworlds Simon Pegg) and some Legos (Elseworlds Duplos) in the gallery. Man of Steel comes out June 14. And if it doesn't do well, it may take the Justice League with it.

[Via io9, Comics Alliance]

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