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Marvel developing animated project for the MCU

1:00 PM on 04.07.2015 // Jackson Tyler

A short play, by Jackson Tyler

Surprise indie hit Marvel's The Avengers is getting a sequel in less than a month, which means it's time for every bit of vaguely Marvel related news to burst into your info hungry eyeballs.

You see, in olden times, Marvel printed images upon paper, and bound them into comic books. These comic books were then used as the basis for animated images upon the screen, known commonly as cartoons. Instead of combining real people and expensive CGI, the entire work was created in a wholly unreal aesthetic, and it proved to be incredibly effective and popular.

"By jove," a junior Marvel employee said in 2015, entering the office of Cort Lane, Marvel's VP of Animation Development and Production. "Have you seen this Batman: The Animated Series? It's really rather ruddy good."

"Animated... series? We should make one of those," said Lane, twinkle in his eye.

"We do, technically" the employee said. "Well, six guys down in accounting do, they keep rebooting Spider-Man and everyone hates them."

"Then, my good man," exclaimed Lane as he grabbed a coat from the rack, "we're going to do this right. Gather the animators! We ride!"


If finally tying their animated work into the MCU makes them at least try to compete with the amazing work DC has been doing for multiple damn decades in this arena, then it's a win for us all. Make the superhero cartoons good, and I will watch them.

[via Collider]


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