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Michael Arndt may be writing Star Wars VII

1:00 PM on 11.09.2012

Thor Latham

Associate Editor

Another day, another Star Wars post

As far as all of the Star Wars news everyone has been reporting on, this little tidbit is a bit more substantial. According to Deadline, Michael Arndt was brought in sometime ago by Lucasfilm before all of this hubbub to write a treatment for the new Star Wars trilogy we have only recently learned about. As a result of laying the groundwork, it looks like he could begin penning the script for Star Wars VII sometime in the near future. 

Arndt is the Oscar winning writer of Little Miss Sunshine, and was also nominated of his screenplay for Toy Story 3. He has more recently written the script for the upcoming Hunger Games: Catching Fire, so the guy probably knows a thing or two about satisfying hardcore fans. At least I hope so, if only for his own sake.

[Deadline via EW]

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Thor Latham

Associate Editor
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