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Monday Movie Trivia: Famous Objects From Classic Movies

10:00 AM on 06.13.2011 // Tom Fronczak

This week I have half a year's worth of Monday Movie Trivia teasers for you and I didn't even have to do any work! Woot! Liz showed me the fantastic site FamousObjectsFromClassicMovies and after about 70 puzzle cards I had to take a break; there's just so many!

It will send you through them all in a random order, so don't expect your friends to get the same ones as you early on if you share the link with others. It's as easy as typing in letters of the title you think the card represents. It's basically Hangman with three lives per puzzle, but be warned: skipping a card will result in a point loss. If you want to be OCD about it, you can start here and edit the URL each time by changing the number at the end, and then refreshing.

Some are much too easy, some you'll get by guessing vowels, some are much too hard if you've never seen them before, and others you'll kick yourself over not getting. Out of all the ones I saw, my favorite by far was the one for Gattaca. To make this interactive with others in the community, how about everyone does 50 puzzles and then posts how many of them they got right in the comments? Let's see if anyone can go 50 for 50!

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