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More canceled TMNT art has blind Donatello, 'Raptor Raph'

3:00 PM on 12.17.2012 // Nick Valdez

Last week, we totally went back to the 90s because of some concept art of the (thankfully) canceled live action TMNT: The Next Mutation. The last batch featured tweaks to the ancillary characters of the series (boobtacular April, Punktacular Casey, and some face painted guy named Shredder) as well as lost fifth totally badical turtle, Slash Kirby. 

Today, we have the four main turtle bros with some commentary by Peter Laird, who originally drew the pictures. Apparently, the plan for the sequel was the Ooze continued mutating the Turtles, giving them new abilities and powers. Leonardo was able to turn his skin into chrome, Donatello gained telekinetic and telepathic powers but lost his eyesight, Mikey was able to project a human image on his body so he could walk among people (but somehow excuses his "duuuuuude" attire), Raphael unfortunately just turned into that monster thing in the header, and finally Splinter gets the 'roids and turns into some musclebound thing. 

Seriously, this almost existed. Let's all think about that before we end up complaining about future Turtle adventures. 

[via nailbiter111 (a commenter) on ComicBook Movie]

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