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Mortez attached to If I Stay, RJ Cutler talking to direct

2:00 PM on 01.24.2013 // Matthew Razak

Young Adult novel move adaptations. Is there anything that prints money more easily these days? You'd think it would be simple to get one off the ground, but not so for Summit who has been attempting to get If I Stay in theaters since 2009 but hasn't managed to push the film into production. After losing director Heitor Dhalia and star Dakota Fanning in 2010 the film died, but new life has been breathed into by news that Chloe Grace Mortez has joined the feature with R.J. Cutler jumping from TV to direct.

The film is a supernatural story about a girl who goes into a coma and her relationship with her boyfriend or something. I really haven't read it and I find Mortez overrated so you can guess my excitement for this film is null. Of course with the development freeze it has been in it's quite possible we're never going to see it anyway.

[via Variety]

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