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Movie Debate to the Death! Favorite Stephen King film?

8:40 PM on 02.09.2011 // Tom Fronczak

We posted over twenty 25 Flixist film awards over the course of a single week, but arguably the most important one of all has yet to be claimed: the readers' favorite film of 2010. I gave everyone a full week to pick their movie of the year, with votes spread out across The King's Speech, True Grit, Inception, Kick-Ass and 127 Hours, but in the end one film stood above the rest: Black Swan!

It's definitely a great film so it's no surprise that it won, but what's very surprising is that The Social Network didn't even receive a single vote! It just goes to show that everyone's opinions are different and that you should share your thoughts each week in our community blogs.

This week, in honor of Alex's excellent The Dark Tower editorial, I want to hear what everyone's favorite Stephen King film is. With over 100 movies, there's certainly plenty to choose from! For this debate it doesn't matter if a film is based on one of his books or not, just that he was involved with its creation in some way. Cast your vote in the comments below...

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