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Netflix Now: 90's Cartoon Edition

4:00 PM on 11.23.2011 // Jenika Katz

With Thanksgiving tomorrow for us Americans, there's a lot of debate over what to watch with the plethora of family members filling your living room. But what is the best thing to watch with the family? How about older episodes of Best Food Ever while you're digesting? Is it Scarface- you know, for the kids? Could it be Page One: Inside the New York Times, a fantastic movie about journalism? Is it A NORML Life, a documentary about the legalization of medical marijuana? Perhaps one of many romantic comedies with plots that sound like Fabio should be on the cover?

Uh, no. Clearly, you should be watching 90's cartoons. This week, Netflix brings us Sonic, King Arthur and the Knights of Justice, Ultraman: Towards the Future, and Street Sharks. If that's not enough to make your Turkey Day Bright, I don't know what'll do it.

Hit the jump for lakes of gravy!

Jenika Katz, Former Editor
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