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Netflix Now: Murderous Holiday Edition

5:00 PM on 11.30.2011 // Jenika Katz

I adore Christmas. I really do. The Flixist LA house is already decorated, and we are watching holiday movies every couple of days. I will have Christmas tree earrings for the entirety of December. Seriously, I love Christmas. But there's something about the season as an adult that builds up some rage. Sometimes it's listening to the same damn soundtrack on loop for too long, or looking at your credit card bill, or how busy it is when you're trying to go shopping and some little kid bumps into you and totally doesn't apologize and you look at his parents and they just don't care and you wonder how much a candy cane would hurt if inserted rectally.

It seems like Netflix is accommodating that sort of feeling this week, because there's a large selection of both horror movies and super violent movies. In addition to an assortment of B movies I haven't heard of but look suitably bloody, you can check out Children of the Corn, Heathers, and a personal favorite, Final Destination 2.

In non-violent entertainment, there's Santa Vs. Claus, a children's movie about Santa dealing with split personality disorder. There's also Tappy Toes, an animated movie about dancing penguins that is totally not Happy Feet. If you don't have to subject yourself to horrible children's entertainment, you should check out Cave of Forgotten Dreams, a documentary Alex thought was absolutely fantastic. I'm interested in seeing how it holds up when it's not in 3D. I've also heard How I Met Your Mother is a lot of fun.

Hit the jump for blood and violence, fa la la la la, la la la la!

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