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Netflix Now: Turkish Star Wars Turkey Day Edition

12:00 PM on 11.21.2012 // Hubert Vigilla

Netflix Now is going to help you avoid talking to your parents during Thanksgiving dinner. It'll also get you out of arguments with that dumdum uncle who always forwards those freakin' emails. (Despite the title, there is no Netflix stream of The Turkish Star Wars, and the only MST3K thing available on Instant is The Movie. This feeling of disappointment should ready you for the holidays.)

Bar none, the best film addition this week is Re-Animator. It might be something to save for after dinner once your grandpa has tuckered himself out with Schnapps and a-storytellin'. Or maybe you and gramps can watch The Jack Benny Show and You Bet Your Life with Groucho Marx. I'm hankering for a little Monster Brawl. It's basically movie monsters wrestling each other. That high-concept film stars Dave Foley (the poor guy), "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart, and Lance Henriksen as the voice of God.

If you're a masochist (or a sadist), there's Uwe Boll's In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, which Alec had to remind me was in movie theaters. The gimmicky "single-take" thriller Silent House with Elizabeth Olsen is ready for some streaming as well. If you're spending your Thanksgiving with a special someone, you may want to try the indie romance Like Crazy... Actually, you're better off watching Re-Animator. If you can watch Re-Animator with someone you love on Thanksgiving, that person is a keeper. Want to know the source of that wisdom? "The Mouth of the Lord" Lance Henriksen.

Check out what's new on Netflix Instant after the cut.

New additions to Netflix Watch Instantly apply only to readers in the United States. For those in other parts of the world, your choices may vary.

Weekly Netflix Now Awards

Most Likely to Be Watched First

The Jack Benny Show

Movie I've Been Meaning to See That I'll Finally See

The Invisible War

Honorable mention: Silent House

Most Likely to Be Watched Out of Perverse Curiosity

Monster Brawl (I feel bad for Dave Foley and will buy him a beer if I ever see him)

Goes Best with Gravy


Goes Best with Cranberry Sauce

Like Crazy

Most Likely to Start an Argument with a Relative

She's Not Our Sister

Wide-Release Movie Made to Be Seen via Netflix Instant

Silent House

Honorable mention: In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale

Best Title

My Stepdad's a Freakin' Vampire!

Honorable mention: Occupation: Fighter

Best Title That Also Works as an Insult

Fleabag Monkeyface

Honorable mention: Gerald McBoing Boing

Hubert Vigilla, Editor-at-Large
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