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New Anvil doc will focus on peace concert in Israel

4:00 PM on 03.29.2012 // Hubert Vigilla

Anvil! The Story Anvil was a surprisingly moving documentary about the obscure metal band Anvil. They were essentially a real-life version of Spinal Tap. Whereas Spinal Tap's desperation was funny, Anvil's earnest attempts to make a living as musicians was endearing. There's something to be said about our affection for underdogs.

Since the documentary helped bring Anvil some attention, it looks like they're trying to channel some of their notoriety into something positive: a peace concert in Israel. The doc's working title is Anvil 2: The Quest for World Peace. Here's part of the official statement from the band via their Facebook page:

Robb: "Me and Lips are gonna try to rally the world and throw a peace concert in Israel, and they're gonna film it."

Lips: "The selfish endeavor of making it for ourselves is pretty much done. We're living the dream. Now it's like, what can we do to change the world? We changed our world, but what can we do to change the world to make it a better place? There's a way to use your celebrity for really good things."

Someone said that Joe Strummer of The Clash played as if he could potentially change the world in a three-minute song. The Wyld Stallyns helped create a rock and roll utopia in the Bill and Ted movies. I don't know if Anvil can change the world, but maybe they can take a bit of Strummer's urgent punk energy and make it meaningfully metal. Do it like you can make it happen, fellas -- I'll watch it.

[Anvil's Facebook page Via The Playlist]

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