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New Avengers pics show them doing underwhelming things

8:00 AM on 02.21.2012

That Super Bowl trailer for The Avengers whetted my appetite for the movie, but it seems like all the stills and posters released have been underwhelming. Case in point: these two new Avengers pics that showed up online yesterday. In one you have Agent Coulson and Thor looking up stuff on the internet; in the other, you have Hawkeye, Captain America, and Black Widow walking.

I know they're trying to save all the good stuff for the actual movie, but maybe the next images can be something more engaging. Like, I don't know, Iron Man and Nick Fury assembling IKEA furniture, Bruce Banner mending his Hulk-torn pants, or Loki ordering Chinese take-out.

At this rate, we'll probably see a still of The Avengers talking to a doorman a la yesterday's oddly uneventful Amazing Spider-Man clip. (Witness the untold story of Peter Parker's minor irritation and mild inconvenience! A tantalizing tale from the Marvel age of movies!) Take a gander at the images in the gallery.

[Hey U Guys and Comic Book Movie Via The Playlist]

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