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New Elysium image has bald Matt Damon, product placement

9:00 AM on 11.20.2012

Nick Valdez

News Editor

Kawasaki is still a thing in the future. It apparently makes people bald now.

Elysium is the follow up effort of Neil Blomkamp (the awesome District 9), which has had a few delays. It's been in production since 2010, and has been delayed several times to its new release date of August next year...and that's probably a good idea. I'm not sure whether to expect too much, although those expectations are unreasonably high, but I expect this movie to have a lot of punchy-shooty.'s a new image of the film which features a decked out (and bald) Matt Damon. He looks perturbed alright. What I'm really curious about though is the Kawasaki logo on his gear (it's on his arm). Apparently the film takes place in a dystopia with class warfare problems, but Kawasaki seems to be doing just fine. Maybe they have nuclear products and Damon's baldness is totes a result of all of that radiation? Maybe Kawasaki is the only company remaining in the future? Does that mean I should invest now? Tell me, Elysium, tell me!

[via Joblo]


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