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New IT reboot Pennywise sewer artwork is full of $#!+

12:04 PM on 12.28.2016 // Rick Lash

Because Christmas is over, Entertainment Weekly debuted some exclusive new artwork from next year's IT reboot/remake, and boy is it special.

The highly anticipated reboot will be the first original take on Stephen King's 1986 novel since the 1990 ABC miniseries that starred Tim Curry as Pennywise. This time around, Bill Skarsgård, pictured, is set to don the clown shoes of terror.

How anyone thought this artwork could possibly be a good idea is beyond me, or the rest of the Flixist staff, and pretty much dashed all hopes that this might be a good film. We're still nine month away from its release, and we've yet to see footage, so minds can be swayed, but with teaser artwork this ... well ... shitty ... we're currently all thumbing our noses at the IT reboot.

And because we've got nothing better to do, we thought we'd photoshop some obvious alternative artwork that probably would have represented the film even better.

Possible taglines for the upcoming IT:

"What is flushed, will return!"

"Look out! Here comes shit!"

"IT: Bill Skarsgård is literally a piece of shit."

"Your worst nightmare: clown turds."

"Shit gets multicolored."

"We just flushed millions of dollars down the drain."

"Stock up on Liquid Plumber: we just clogged your toilet with shit."

And my personal favorite ...


[Via EW]



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