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No, I will not post your trailer for a trailer, Fox

5:00 PM on 12.19.2011 // Alex Katz

On Apple Trailers right now (I'm not going to give them any link traffic, so y'all can find it on your own), you can find new footage for Prometheus, the new not-an-Alien-prequel-but-it-is-but-it-isn't from Ridley "That Crap Movie Where Russell Crowe Gets Wine-Drunk at a Villa" Scott. Thing is, though, it's not a trailer. It's a trailer for the trailer, which gets officially released on Thursday. When Thursday rolls around, you'll be able to find that trailer here. Today, though, we're not posting this silly trailer's trailer.

This is part of some ridiculous trends that seem to pervade a lot of pop culture Internet marketing. It's the announcing of announcements, outlets getting hyped up on studio press releases announcing what day and time the newest trailer for XYZ goes online. It's all filler. It's crap, and it's filler. Personally, when a movie studio or a video game publisher pulls stuff like this, I just get exasperated and grow less interested in their product. The only folks that do it right are Valve, because they've started turning their announcements into massive ARGs that make you Telnet into obsolete hardware for an ASCII picture of some concept art. If Fox pulled that for Prometheus, it could prove to be a legit fun experience. At least it'd be interesting.

So go to Apple Trailers if you can't wait until Thursday for Prometheus footage. What little is there, I won't contest, looks very nice, but I'd recommend you do yourself a favor and wait until the actual release hits. We didn't post the bootleg Prometheus trailer, we didn't post the bootleg Dark Knight Rises trailer, and we'll continue not supporting bootleg trailers and announcements of announcements.

P.S. Ridley, just quit it with the back and forth over whether or not it's an Alien prequel, you dick. We don't trust you anymore after Robin Hood. It's an Alien prequel. It's obvious. Just quit it.

Alex Katz, Managing Editor
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